First Stop Beijing.

As we departed from the airport, excitement set in and we all experienced a sudden realization that the trip was finally here! It was crazy to think that when we  woke up, we would be on the other side of the world!


After a very tiring thirteen hour plane ride, we arrived safely in Beijing, China. We had quite a long layover and the day was just starting so we all decided to make the most of it. Beijing was both chaotic and strange. None of the locals really spoke English, but it was a great experience for us to encounter and conquer together.

We ate a delicious, Chinese meal that pleasantly introduced us to the typical Asian diet that we would be consuming for the next three weeks. Lots of noodles, and of course, rice! With the help of a kind local, who gave us great directions, we were able to navigate around the smoggy city and eventually figured out the subway system to make it to our destination; Tiananmen square.


Blog Beijing 2

Blog Beijing


There was a massive amount of walking involved and many times we wanted nothing more than to sit due to exhaustion. But through it all, we were able to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel all of what Beijing had to offer for the short time that we were there. With lots of time to spare before our flight departed, we made our way back to the overwhelmingly, huge Beijing airport. With sleepy eyes and excited hearts, we tried to rest as we anticipated the journey to our final destination; THAILAND!


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